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Helga’s work has received media attention across the globe – from Korea  to Columbia; including in the press, on TV and online. Her Instagram page is often featured by the largest accounts (including by the Instagram itself


Selected media mentions

All hung up: quirky creatures created with clothes – in pictures / The Guardian, May 2022

A real clothes horse — the art that makes you look twice at everyday objects / The Times, March 2022

Conversación con Helga Stentzel, la artista que creó la vaca con ropa colgada / El Columbiano, March 2021

‘Household surrealism’ by visual artist Helga Stentzel / South China Morning Post, March 2021

Artist Transforms Everyday Household Items into a Host of Playful Characters / My Modern Met, March 2021

[이 한 장의 시각예술] 세탁, 소 / The Chosun Ilbo, March 2021

De l’art avec des objets du quotidien par Helga Stentzel / 2Tout2Rien, France, March 2021 

Il bucato al pascolo di Helga Stentzel / Objects, March 2021

Clothesline Farm Animals Graze the Countryside in Playful Illusions by Helga Stentzel  / Colossal, February 2021

Helga Stentzel hangs clothes to create surreal farm animal illusions / DesignBoom, February 2021

This Artist Turns Everyday Items into Hilarious Optical Illusions / DIY Photography Magazine, February 2021

凭奇葩“菜狗”表情包火出圈,设计师“糟蹋”无数食物,却让人有被治愈到! / qq.com, January 2021

L’artiste Helga Stentzel détourne le quotidien avec humour / Creapills, January 2021

Дизайнер из Лондона оживляет еду и предметы быта / Metro Moscow, August 2020

Food art creator of the year award / SnackableContent Awards, July 2020 

I Use Food to Tell Fun Visual Stories / Bored Panda, January 2019

Helga Stenzel: la artista que construye figuras y escenas con objetos cotidianos / SDP Noticias, March 2018