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Helga’s work has received media attention across the globe – from Korea  to Columbia; including in the press, on TV and online. Her Instagram page is often featured by the largest accounts (including by the Instagram itself


Selected media mentions

Conversación con Helga Stentzel, la artista que creó la vaca con ropa colgada / El Columbiano, March 2021

‘Household surrealism’ by visual artist Helga Stentzel / South China Morning Post, March 2021

Artist Transforms Everyday Household Items into a Host of Playful Characters / My Modern Met, March 2021

[이 한 장의 시각예술] 세탁, 소 / The Chosun Ilbo, March 2021

De l’art avec des objets du quotidien par Helga Stentzel / 2Tout2Rien, France, March 2021 

Il bucato al pascolo di Helga Stentzel / Objects, March 2021

Clothesline Farm Animals Graze the Countryside in Playful Illusions by Helga Stentzel  / Colossal, February 2021

Helga Stentzel hangs clothes to create surreal farm animal illusions / DesignBoom, February 2021

This Artist Turns Everyday Items into Hilarious Optical Illusions / DIY Photography Magazine, February 2021

凭奇葩“菜狗”表情包火出圈,设计师“糟蹋”无数食物,却让人有被治愈到! / qq.com, January 2021

L’artiste Helga Stentzel détourne le quotidien avec humour / Creapills, January 2021

Дизайнер из Лондона оживляет еду и предметы быта / Metro Moscow, August 2020

Food art creator of the year award / SnackableContent Awards, July 2020 

I Use Food to Tell Fun Visual Stories / Bored Panda, January 2019

Helga Stenzel: la artista que construye figuras y escenas con objetos cotidianos / SDP Noticias, March 2018