Helga Stentzel
Sleepy Head

Living a fast-paced life can be incredibly challenging. The constant pressure to perform at the highest level, coupled with the never-ending pursuit of success, often leads to stress, burnout and loss of joie de vivre. And Sleepy Head would take none of that! His body exudes a palpable sense of contentment, and his eyes, heavy-lidded and wise, seem to gaze upon the world with an all-knowing tranquility. The sloth, with its measured movements and quiet existence, imparts a lesson we can all learn from. It is a symbol of patience, reminding us that the most profound and lasting joys often unfold when we take the time to savour the world around us.

'Sleepy head' encourages us to disconnect from the overwhelming demands of our culture of overachievement and to embrace the art of simply being present, finding solace in the unhurried rhythms of life.

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